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some songs

here are a couple songs from a scrapped solo record in 2011. after tera melos gets back from europe in march i’m gonna try and finish some stuff. cool.  

-human asks to take picture of pedal board

-“sure of course! no problem” :)

-buys all pedals, makes same music


my goal is to have two records completed over the next few months. one is electronic based and the other is a bunch of normal (probably not) sounding songs. they’ve got a bit of a Sandinista! vibe. also working on some stuff for the next TM record. 

ghost marrow

hello to all you fellow x’ed out humanoids. i wanted to drop some weirdness on you. i forget if i’ve mentioned this previously, but my girlfriend, aurielle, is currently preparing for a bone marrow transplant to help fight a gnarly blood disease called mds (sometimes called preleukemia). it’s a very complex problem, put simply- her dummy bone marrow produces weirdo stem cells that turn into weirdo blood cells. unfortunately as cool as weirdo blood cells sound, you can’t really live like that. to combat this weirdo blood drama she’ll need to go through a pretty intense process, which includes destroying her old immune system (chemo therapy) and then injecting her with new marrow (the transplant) that will hopefully turn her into a healthy girl with super human strength (if not super human then average human). finding a marrow donor can be difficult- after six months we were recently notified that a match had been found (!!!). the scary adventure starts in march. luckily aurielle qualifies for healthcare, but the costs surrounding this thing are massive. so she started a little campaign to raise some bucks to alleviate some of the financial stress that comes along with this life changing event. 

for many years aurielle was in the prog-sludge-ocean obsessed band, Giant Squid. tera melos’ first show was opening for them. we were circle pitting at Giant Squid shows long before we got old and were too cool to circle pit. she is a shredder (although she’d deny it) and an overall incredibly talented musician. her vocals, guitar and keyboard playing were all very influential on me as a young sir. 10 years later and somehow the universe puts us here, together, figuring all this stuff out. i know a lot of you are just like us- critters just trying to get by- but if you’ve got some extra coin or have a super rich uncle, a la scrooge mcduck, please visit the link below. she also has her new solo record on bandcamp (it’s a concept album chronicling the last 16 years of battling her own blood). oh!- and aurielle sang on our new record! oh oh!- and it’d be great of you to share any similar experiences you or someone you know have had with this sort of thing. we’re really just looking for some positive vibes here. and i promise she’s not one of those yoko ono “band girlfriends.” haha. she’s a wonderful friend to tera melos and really just a great person. i apologize for getting all real and heavy on you folks. sometimes life it like that. thank you thank you thank you for reading this and being awesome. -nick


tropic lame

wouldn’t be a new tera melos song without a little controversy ;)


cool music

someone asked me to post a list of records from last year that i enjoyed. i was pretty busy paying attention to our new record so i didn’t really get much of a chance to check out other new music. so here’s a list of songs i shazam’d off the radio and liked. i’d heard all of these before, but i’d never really given any of them much thought until recently.

t’pau, “heart and soul” - i guess i’d never heard this song from the beginning. it starts with this really cool, funny little midi something-or-other melody and has a loud snare. when it hit the chorus i recognized it.

ce ce peniston, “finally” - always liked this song, never knew who it was. chances are if it came from the early 90’s and was blasted across nyc dance clubs i’m gonna like it.

jermaine stewart, “we don’t have to take our clothes off” - the music is real nice, but jermaine stewart’s voice sounds like he’d be a primordial dwarf in real life. turns out he’s not a primordial dwarf, though he is rather odd looking. i think you’d be hard pressed to find a black guy that could pull off the long, straightened, blow dried hair look.

asia, “heat of the moment” - heard this song a million times before. really like the vocals and how they syncopate with the guits.

toto, “africa” - the verse is so cool. chorus gets a little sucky, but it’s kinda hard to follow such a great groove/melody. can’t really blame them for that.

janet jackson, “nasty boys” - 80’s electro production at it’s best. jj is just kind of whatever to me. it’s her producers that i’m really stoked on. here’s the instrumental.

morris day and the time. “jungle love” - didn’t know these guys were the brain child of prince. shazam’d this one two separate times. dummy prince makes youtube remove all of his related vids :(

also, i think squarepusher’s “ufabulum” is perfect and found out i really like todd rundgren. there was a ton of shit music that i had to shazam to figure out who to avoid- “fun,” “alabama shakes” and “foster the people” in particular. 

jeff, matt and myself- first day of shooting snakeville

awesome xmas gift



snake juice

awesome xmas gift from garrett. he put together most the props for snakeville. my mind was constantly blown by his attention to detail. you wouldn’t believe the time and effort we put into that friggin movie. go look at all of his insane artwork at Douse the Lights.

xmas card for my parents. forgot the r in christmas. WHOOPS!


sold the gothic sg! mr. Logun is now the proud owner of that beast. thanks to everyone that didn’t get too irritated with all my posts about selling stuff. i ended up getting rid of my usa strat, mesa triple rectifier and the goth. it’s super weird letting go of gear. it’s all a part of the story, ya know? especially weird when the money is just going towards rent and the usual bullshit. i couldn’t let go of all that stuff without acquiring something cool. so i grabbed this lil beaut-